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What is this for?

In JavaScript we quite often use strings as some kind of identifiers. Event and module names are good examples here.

A good IDE should support this in my opinion. With this plugin you can define a format of your identifiers. Each JavaScript string matching this format becomes a 'symbol' which you can rename(Shift + F6), find usages of (Alt + F7) or Go To (CTRL + Click).

By default all strings in format ':hyphen-identifier' are symbols but you can configure recognized formats in the plugin configuration page.

How to install it

You can find this plugin on IntelliJ plugin repository. Take a look at IntelliJ IDEA documentation for instructions about installing plugins.


After installing, this plugin will recognize 'symbols' and will highlight them blue:
First usage

Symbols which appear only once in whole project are marked with warning:
Non referenced symbol

Referenced symbols are shown without warning:
Referenced symbol

Symbol names will appear in the suggestions list (Ctrl + Space Bar):
Symbol completion

You can easily find usages of symbol with Alt + F7:
Find usages

Even more conveniently you can go to usage with Ctrl + left click: Go to usage

Last but not least you can rename your symbol with Shift + F6:
Rename symbol


You can configure recognized symbol formats in Other Settings -> JavaScript Symbols. Settings


This plugin is definitely not finished. If you've found it useful feel free to contribute.