Adding custom plugins via config #12

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Hello again :)

I want to add my plugin to prerender, but current config schema doesn't allow it.

ZipfWorks member

Sure, what are you looking to do?
You should be able to add additional plugins to "plugins": [] in the config file.


Of course, but i can't add my plugin, because you require it from ./plugins path.

ZipfWorks member

Makes sense, I can update the code to allow a full system path to a plugin file instead of expecting it to be in ./plugins.


Full system path in JSON is not easy :). Why you choose JSON format?

JS in more flexible:

  • easy format
  • comments
  • expressions

And you can pass the plugins objects to config:

plugins: [ 
@Shumkov Shumkov referenced this issue Jul 3, 2014

Add own plugins #17

ZipfWorks member

This looks good, simple and flexible

@Stanback Stanback closed this Jul 16, 2014
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