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TVHeadend iOS Client

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TvhClient is a TVHeadend iOS (iPhone, iPad) Client app, which allows you to remote control the TVHeadend server ( ) - a DVB receiver, DVR and streaming server.

It allows you to stream channel video, list channels, view channel's EPG, search for programs, schedule recordings (DVR) and view the log / status of the server. It will also allow you to easily launch a third party video application to view the channel's streaming video.

You can now download the app directly from the App Store!

Source Code

Unfortunately, source code for new versions of the app are not published on github anymore. The main reason for this is that I've seen clones of this app by "companies" that remove the generic server support and hardcode their own servers. I do not condone this very suspicious behaviour at all. On top of that no one ever added any features so there's very little benefit on my part to keep it open source.

If you want to help please do so by Discord Chat and :

  • Beta test the app - there has been a lot of beta testers throughout the years, everyone has been extremely helpful and if you're up to, you just need to normally use the beta versions as you use the stable versions, helping out detailing crashes or requesting features
  • Give suggestions and help out fellow users
  • If you want to help adding or fixing any features, tell me what you want to do and I can give you access to the repository to help out
  • The netcode and all backend code is still open source at - if you have any internal bugs that you want fixed, please go ahead and send me a PR.

GitHub Issues

The issues are still being used as a basic support and tracking of ideas to implement. You can still open tickets, or ask for help in the gitter channel.



This app's source code is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2 (MPL-2).

App Icon made by Julio Costa Pinto, thanks =)

Clean Icons from Matt Gentile, from