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Welcome to the Ceptr wiki!

Ceptr is a next-gen communications platform which:

  • Is Semantic - native deep semantic structures in storage, protocols and core functions.
  • Is Distributed - with native byzantine fault tolerance akin to block-chain.
  • Provides a self-describing protocol stack for any and all levels of system communications.
  • Is Fractal in Structure -- built of Receptors as lightweight virtual machines which can contain other Receptors. (Hence the name Ceptr from reCEPToR.)
  • Provides a P2P networking architecture with no centralized address or name authority.
  • Native support for versioning and deprecation to enable rapid and easy evolution of functionality of parts at every level.
  • Is designed to preserve (semantic) coherence contexts.
  • Can provide the means to launch alternative, decentralized, mesh networks or even "Internets." The first of which is CeptrNet.


  • Has addresses organized around agency and accountability.
  • blah blah blah (List of other features to come, but we'd like to build them before we claim their existence.)

Origins: Ceptr evolved from the intention of the MetaCurrency Project to built decentralized currencies for the next economy. It turned out, we needed more fundamental decentralization of our computing architectures to meet our requirements for eliminating the ability to abuse power. See MetaCurrency Strategy & Vision. We have built a number of previous iterations of tools evolving towards this end (openmoney, flowplace, commons room, anansi, etc.).

Current Status: Ceptr is under active development and currently provides mostly low-level functionality for our distributed receptors. As of yet, there is almost no User Interface for end users. It is primarily a tool for developers. We have a number of additional platforms we intend to build on it which do have interfaces for end users.

[Development Road Map](Development Road Map)

Raw Notes from Our Work Sessions