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❱ πŸ‡ URL shortener service is written in Scala using Akka-Http and Redis ❰
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❱ ❰

URL shortener service

Build Status Coverage Status

Tech stack

Alternative solutions

We could use following short code gen also:

substr(base62(md5(url)), 6) = 62 ^ 6 //unique short urls



Run docker-compose, it will start api, redis and will expose api port to host.

docker-compose up

Sample usage

# Shorten
curl -i http://localhost:9001 -F "url="

# Call shortened url
for ((i=1;i<=100;i++)); do curl -i "http://localhost:9001/SEwuXHhBQw"; done

# Get Stats
curl -i "http://localhost:9001/stats/?url="

# returns: {"callCount":100}

Create executable

sbt packageBin


sbt test

Gatling Simulation

Simulation users count can be set in application.conf in test resources.

# terminal 1
sbt run

# Run simulation in terminal 2
sbt gatling:test gatling:latestReport

Coverage with Report

sbt clean coverage test coverageReport


  • Seperate read and write API's
  • Move statistics to different data store and API
  • Add DB support by having write master/replicas and have read replicas
  • Move hit counts to MapReduce job and generate them from the Web Server logs
  • Implement Authentication using JWT authentication protocol with OAuth2 authentication framework
  • API Documentation using swagger or similar
  • Add Host blackListing
  • Add Retry policies for Redis calls using Retry or similar one
  • Add Throttling using akka-http-contrib
  • Add Metrics support using akka-http-metrics

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