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Software Specifications for Scala
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analysis/src removed warnings
common/src removed some specs2 methods in the default stacktrace filter. fixes #415
core/src Examples execution should stop with sequential + stopOnFail
examples/src/test/scala/examples re-introduced fatal warnings for 2.11. fixes #404
form/src display the exception class when displaying an Error. fixes #402
guide/src/test added a guide page for the should/in syntax. fixes #410
gwt/src fixed the comment warnings during the scaladoc phase
html/src fixed the comment warnings during the scaladoc phase
junit/src re-introduced fatal warnings for 2.11. fixes #404
markdown/src re-introduced fatal warnings for 2.11. fixes #404
matcher-extra/src Merge branch 'topic/2.12'
matcher/src/main/scala/org/specs2/matcher Merge pull request #417 from knutwalker/patch-1
mock/src Merge branch 'topic/2.12'
notes fixed typos in 3.6.4 notes
project fixed compilation flags for using the console
scalacheck/src added methods to use the description of an example in a mutable spec
tests/src Only fail on a future if Await.result timeouts
.gitignore set the version file to 3.1
.travis.yml moved the ArgThatSpec to a scala specific folder + use jdk8 on Travis
LICENSE.txt publishing 1.10
README.markdown removed the last instances of "test-only" in the project
pom.xml Update scalaz dependency to 7.1.3
release-procedure.txt updated the version number for the 1.12.3 release
sbt updated the sbt launcher script
scalastyle-config.xml added more warnings and more style checking
version.sbt prepare for 3.6.4


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Installation instructions

You need to download and install sbt. Then execute the following command:

sbt update publish-local

Then you can generate the User Guide with:


testOnly -- html

This should create html files in the target/specs2-reports directory.

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