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Software Specifications for Scala
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Latest commit 3a0c9e4 @etorreborre Merge pull request #420 from zoltanmaric/patch-1
Simplify sbt command and improve formatting for README
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analysis/src removed warnings
common/src compiling with 2.12.0-M3
core/src added a message when the run is interrupted by the user
examples/src/test/scala/examples compiling with 2.12.0-M3
form/src compiling with 2.12.0-M3
guide/src/test Probably fixes broken link mentioned in issue #433
gwt/src fixed the comment warnings during the scaladoc phase
html/src compiling with 2.12.0-M3
junit/src compiling with 2.12.0-M3
markdown/src re-introduced fatal warnings for 2.11. fixes #404
matcher-extra/src compiling with 2.12.0-M3
matcher/src/main/scala/org/specs2/matcher Add matchers for scalaz.Validation
mock/src don't try to register matchers when a spy is called for real. fixes #428
notes added notes for 3.6.5
project added a message when the run is interrupted by the user
scalacheck/src compiling with 2.12.0-M3
tests/src merged @puffnfresh PR and refactored the optional matchers doc
.gitignore set the version file to 3.1
.travis.yml use 2.12.0-M3 for travis
LICENSE.txt publishing 1.10
README.markdown Change task names to camel case
pom.xml Update scalaz dependency to 7.1.3
release-procedure.txt updated the version number for the 1.12.3 release
sbt updated the sbt launcher script
scalastyle-config.xml added more warnings and more style checking
version.sbt added notes for 3.6.5


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Installation instructions

You need to download and install sbt. Then execute the following command:

sbt update publishLocal

Then you can generate the User Guide with:

sbt testOnly -- html

This should create html files in the target/specs2-reports directory.

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