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Software Specifications for Scala
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analysis/src use the eff monad instead of monad transformers Dec 29, 2015
cats/src added a cats module for Xor matchers Apr 21, 2016
codata/src/main/scala/codata removed the dependency on scalaz-stream May 2, 2016
common/src Fix bug in regex matching with multiline strings (#483) May 24, 2016
core/src use tags to filter out specification references May 19, 2016
examples/src/test/scala/examples compiling with 2.12.0-M3 Oct 26, 2015
form/src better compatibility with scalaz 7.1 and 7.2 Dec 29, 2015
guide/src/test specified the uses of 'message' for an exception matcher May 26, 2016
gwt/src fixed the comment warnings during the scaladoc phase Jul 30, 2015
html/src fixed the user guide generation May 16, 2016
junit/src use the latest eff May 8, 2016
markdown/src re-introduced fatal warnings for 2.11. fixes #404 Jul 30, 2015
matcher-extra/src Merge branch 'topic/scala-2.12.0-M4' May 10, 2016
matcher/src/main/scala/org/specs2/matcher extracted a ThrownExpectable trait to get thrown expectations Apr 17, 2016
mock/src don't try to register matchers when a spy is called for real. fixes #428 Nov 8, 2015
notes added notes for 3.8.3 May 16, 2016
project don't use fatal warnings for the doc task May 16, 2016
scalacheck/src added the possibility to chain collectors for a same parameters to ne… Apr 9, 2016
tests/src Fix bug in regex matching with multiline strings (#483) May 24, 2016
.gitignore set the version file to 3.1 Mar 20, 2015
.travis.yml fixed the scala version in the travis file Apr 25, 2016
LICENSE.txt removed the dependency on scalaz-stream May 2, 2016
README.markdown Change task names to camel case Oct 1, 2015
pom.xml prepared the 3.7.1 release Mar 3, 2016
release-procedure.txt updated the version number for the 1.12.3 release Nov 14, 2012
sbt upgraded sbt to 0.13.11 Mar 26, 2016
scalastyle-config.xml added more warnings and more style checking Mar 25, 2015 added a try-specs2 script May 27, 2016
version.sbt release 3.8.3 May 16, 2016


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Installation instructions

You need to download and install sbt. Then execute the following command:

sbt update publishLocal

Then you can generate the User Guide with:

sbt testOnly -- html

This should create html files in the target/specs2-reports directory.

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