@zjazz zjazz released this Oct 12, 2018

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  • New coin supported: SUQA (X22i algorithm). Experimental SUQA branch merged into official branch
  • Print hashrate per GPU enabled by default. Added new --hide-hashrate-per-gpu to disable it
  • Total amount of shares sent to stratum added to the debug-info message
  • -T and --timeout argument added to setup stratum connection timeout
  • Added cuckoo CPU verification when a cycle is found
  • Bugfix: Selecting a subset of gpus with -d and setting --device-gpu-threads per gpu didn't work as expected
  • Timeout added when waiting response from stratum when a share is found, --share-timeout argument from the command line is available to setup it
  • SUQA improvements compared to experimental branch:
    • Some speed improvements
    • Some CUDA error issues fixed
    • Command line intensity -i and --intensity argument now works with X22i