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ZK is a highly productive Java framework for building amazing enterprise web and mobile applications

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MyApp Feature ZK-1882: Support Richlet with Servlet Filter
bin enhanced checkFileSize script to also compare compressed files
deploy upgrade to ZK 7.0.5 version
dist/lib upgrade ckez.jar to version
jsdoc upgrade to ZK 7.0.5 version
zcommon upgrade to ZK 7.0.5 version
zel upgrade to ZK 7.0.5 version
zhtml fix typo
zk Merge remote-tracking branch 'Chunfu/B70-ZK-2606'
zkbind revert fix of B70-ZK-2552: Tabbox model NotifyChange problem
zkdoc Bug ZK-2567: Include html file throw UiException with auto mode
zkplus upgrade to ZK 7.0.5 version
zksandbox update zkckeditor version in zksandbox to
zksandboxs upgrade to ZK 7.0.5 version
zktest Bug ZK-2567: Include html file throw UiException with auto mode
zul Bug ZK-2567: Include html file throw UiException with auto mode
zweb Bug ZK-1132 Support for .zul files taken from web-fragment projects
.gitignore remove zkless-engine node package from repo and add bin/node_modules …
B70-ZK-2321.zul Bug ZK-2321: ZK fails when parsing rare unicode characters that requi… readme
build add checker to check whether zkless-engine is installed in build file
build.projects add zel to the building process
build.prop.xml build osgi jars
build.setting upgrade to ZK 7.0.5 version update zkless-engine to v0.1.14
build.txt git-svn-id: dd50bd9b…
build.xml Fix bug ZK-1857: ZK 6.5 EE OSGi: Comet Servlet 3 Push does not work
readme.txt description

ZK is a highly productive Java framework for building amazing enterprise web and mobile applications.





Product Overview

Simply Java

ZK is renowned for its "Ajax without JavaScript" approach since 2005, enabling developers to build rich internet applications transparently without any knowledge of Ajax and JavaScript.

The client engine and update engine in ZK play the roles of pitcher and catcher, rendering Ajax communication transparent to developers. Events triggered by users are encapsulated and marshalled to event listeners running at the server.

User interface rendered on browsers are surrogated on the server as POJO components, alternation made on the POJO components are reflected to the client transparently.

With programs executed at the server, developers can leverage all the Java technologies, such as Java EE and Spring, while back-end data and services are readily available.

Server+client Fusion

ZK's Server+client Fusion gives developers the freedom to leverage the best of both sides.

The server-centric solution to Ajax brings a productivity boost, robustness, and security to Web application development; while client side solutions endows Web applications with greater controllability and the ability to leverage client side resources.

ZK marries the benefits of both to bring forth a developer-centric approach where developers continue to build large scale enterprise applications with all the robustness of Java technologies, but also are offered the flexibility to work directly with ZK's jQuery based widgets to further enhance user experience.

Declarative Programming

ZK User Interface Markup Language (ZUML) makes the design of rich user interfaces as simple as authoring HTML pages. ZUML is a variant of XUL inheriting all features available to XML, and separates the UI definition from the run-time logic.

ZUML also allows developers to automate CRUD between UI components and the data source with annotations, data binding and MVVM.

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