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ZK - Spring Boot integration
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ZK - Spring Boot


(Adapted from Dirk's amazing zk-spring-boot-starter - Thanks a lot for the input and ideas!)

Getting started

Configuration options (for Spring Boot style

Defaults as in




property default example(s) description
zk.springboot-packaging jar war/jar package as jar or war file
zk.homepage empty home/main when set will setup a @GetMapping for "/" to return the configured view-name
zk.zul-view-resolver-enabled true true/false enable/disable InternalViewResolver for zul files
zk.zul-view-resolver-prefix empty /zul prefix prepended to a view name (i.e. a folder inside the web resource package on the classpath)
zk.zul-view-resolver-suffix .zul .zul/.zhtml usually .zul does what you need
zk.richlet-filter-mapping empty /richlets/* filter-mapping string as the basepath for richlets
zk.websockets-enabled=true true true/false enable/disable websockets (available in ZK-EE)
zk.servlet3-push-enabled=true true true/false enable/disable servlet3 CometServerPush (available in ZK-EE)
zk.update-uri /zkau /mypath configure servlet path for ZK's update engine (rarely used)


Shortcut configuration to enable a Spring MVC Controller with a @GetMapping for the root path '/' returning the configured view name. (disabled by default). The default zul-view-resolver config will prepend the the servlet mapping for ZK's update engine (default /zkau) and append the .zul-extension to locate the zul file in your application.


Defines a simple InternalViewResolver resolving view names to zul files inside the class-web package (not required but still possible for war packaging)

The defaults above have the following effect, given the get mapping:

	public String demo() {
		return "views/demo";

Resolves to /zkau/web/views/demo.zul ZK's UpdateServlet will locate the file on the classpath e.g. in src/main/resources/web/views/demo.zul A configured prefix e.g. /myprefix will be inserted before the view name: /zkau/web[/myprefix]/views/demo.zul


Enables ZK's RichletFilter the value has to be a servlet filter mapping such as: /richlet/* Requires additional richlet-mappings configured in zk.xml.

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