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ITN Project codes and models for CVPR 2018 paper: Geometry-Aware Scene Text Detection with Instance Transformation Network
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ITN: Geometry-Aware Scene Text Detection

Fangfang Wang*, Liming Zhao*, Xi Li, Xinchao Wang, and Dacheng Tao. “Geometry-Aware Scene Text Detection with Instance Transformation Network.” In CVPR, 2018. (*authors contributed equally)

author = {Wang, Fangfang and Zhao, Liming and Li, Xi and Wang, Xinchao and Tao, Dacheng},
title = {Geometry-Aware Scene Text Detection with Instance Transformation Network},
booktitle = {The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
pages = {1381-1389},
year = {2018}


Fangfang Wang (;

Liming Zhao (,;

Xi Li (,


  • Use my Caffe for using transformation layer.

  • Run in the experiments folder to train the model.


  • Use Caffe for implementation, please refer to the Caffe project website for installation.

  • The protocal files are located in experiments/xxx/proto folder.

  • Trained models can be downloaded from google drive or onedrive, and then put them in experiments/xxx/weight folder.

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