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@zloirock zloirock released this Aug 8, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

  • Promise.allSettled moved to stable ES, per July TC39 meeting
  • Promise.any moved to stage 2, .errors property of AggregateError instances maked non-enumerable, per July TC39 meeting
  • using statement proposal moved to stage 2, added Symbol.asyncDispose, per July TC39 meeting
  • Added Array.isTemplateObject stage 2 proposal, per June TC39 meeting
  • Added Map#updateOrInsert stage 1 proposal, per July TC39 meeting
  • Added a fix for Math.hypot V8 7.7 bug, since it's still not stable without adding results to core-js-compat
  • Added a workaround for APIs where not possible to replace broken native Promise, #579 - added .finally and patched .then to / on native Promise prototype
  • Fixed crashing of Opera Presto, #595
  • Fixed incorrect early breaking of { Map, Set, WeakMap, WeakSet }.deleteAll
  • Fixed some missed dependencies in entry points
  • Added compat data for Node 12.5, FF 67, Safari 13
  • Added support of DISABLE_OPENCOLLECTIVE env variable to postinstall script
  • Removed core-js-pure dependency from core-js-compat, #590
  • Fixed generation of core-js-compat on Windows, #606
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