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A different github timeline
CoffeeScript JavaScript Ruby
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coffee Fixes broken links with login-only users
config Adding coffeescript and compass directories, guards, and tasks
css Tweaking the commit styles
img Bringing in twitter bootstrap and starting index.html
js-lib Adding waypoint and paging in events
.gitignore Adding initial ignore
Guardfile Sample timeline file design
LICENSE Adding MIT license to the codebase TO-DONEing some items
Rakefile Adding coffeescript and compass directories, guards, and tasks
index.html Cache
static.html Sample timeline file design


This is a result of a random idea "What would my github events look like in a timeline view?". So I built it.

This is still rough, so there are bugs. Unfortunately I can only pull down 10 pages of events from Github. I'm going to tinker with to see if I may be able to get more from that instead.

Oh and the design is hideous. I'd welcome any designers to submit a design and I'd gladly integrate it.


  • Fix odd masonry behavior where all the events shift to the left
  • Relate new repo events with repo list. Renaming repos results in broken links.
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