Relay Node for the Tox Network
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LICENSE Update Oct 18, 2017

Tox TCP-Relay Node

run a TCP-Relay/Bootstrap Node for Tox

Build Status

CircleCI: CircleCI

Installation (Linux)

git clone
cd ToxTCP-RelayNode
cd tox_tcp_relay
chmod a+rwx *.sh tox-bootstrapd*
chmod a+rwx *.sh tox-bootstrapd*

Operation (Linux)

cd ToxTCP-RelayNode
cd tox_tcp_relay
./ &
sleep 3
cat tox-bootstrapd.log | grep 'Public Key:' # !to see the publickey!

test if your node is working on this webpage:

Public key --> the Public key from the logfile (see above)
IP:Port    --> the public external IP address of your Server, the Port=33447 (for TCP) and Port=33446 (for UDP)
UDP / TCP  --> select the Protocol you want to Test (both should work)