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Source code for Perl6.Party website


If you wish to write an article for Perl6.Party website, see CONTRIBUTING.md file for details.


The code of this repository is licensed under The Artistic License 2.0, unless otherwise specified in the corresponding file. See LICENSE-CODE file for details of that license.

This repository contains redistributable files created by third parties and those files may be licensed under a different license.

The blog posts (files in /post directory) are copyright of their respective authors as specified by the %% author field at the top of the file and express permission is required in order to reproduce them in any format, unless the post in question contains %% license field, in which case the specified license is applied to that post. If %% author field is not specified, the author is assumed to be Zoffix Znet.


Zoffix Znet (cpan at zoffix.com) / Twitter: @zoffix