Zom - whitelabel fork of ChatSecure focused on hyper usability and total awesomeness!
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Zom is a whitelabel fork of ChatSecure

Getting Started

You'll need the most recent version of Xcode, CocoaPods, Zom whitelabeling, ChatSecure source code, and dependencies. Also don't forget to add your SSH public key to GitHub or you'll get errors during the submodule step.

 $ git clone https://github.com/zom/Zom-iOS.git
 $ cd Zom-iOS
 $ git submodule update --init --recursive
 $ bash ./ChatSecure/Submodules/CPAProxy/scripts/build-all.sh
 $ bash ./ChatSecure/Submodules/OTRKit/scripts/build-all.sh
 $ bash Zom/copy_podfile.sh
 $ gem install bundler
 $ bundler install
 $ bundler exec pod install --project-directory=ChatSecure
 $ bundler exec pod install --project-directory=Zom

Copy over the Secrets.plist template:

 $ cp ./Zom/OTRResources/Secrets-template.plist ./Zom/OTRResources/Secrets.plist

Now open up the workspace:

 $ open Zom/Zom.xcworkspace

Run the Zom target inside Xcode on the simulator or on your device.