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Update readme re: CircleCI nightly workflow

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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ Each domain with associated metadata will have a JSON file in the `metadata` dir

### Updates

A Heroku app utilizing [nbio/autopull]( runs daily, and creates Pull Requests when the zone data changes and needs to be updated.
A [CircleCI workflow]( updates ZoneDB each night.

#### zones.txt

@@ -108,4 +108,4 @@ $ go run cmd/zonedb/main.go -zones alsace -add-locations fr-a -w

This database is licensed under the [Open Database License (ODBl) version 1.0]( See []( for more information.

Copyright © 2008–2017 the Public Zone Database authors.
Copyright © 2008–2019 the Public Zone Database authors.

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