Use Laravel Homestead the Vagrant way.
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Use Laravel Homestead, the Vagrant way (multiple named VMs, no PHP CLI, no ~/.homestead folder).

System Requirements

1. Installing The Homestead Vagrant Box

vagrant box add laravel/homestead

2. Installing Purestead

git clone && cd purestead

3. Configuring Purestead

As Purestead is 100% compatible with Homestead config, take a look at the official documentation to edit the config.yaml file.

4. Enjoy using traditionnal Vagrant commands

vagrant up --provision
vagrant ssh
vagrant provision
vagrant reload --provision
vagrant halt

Bonus: Grab lastest Homestead scripts and aliases

As Purestead scripts and aliases may be outdated since a potentially recent Homestead update, feel free to update them using Homestead ones (git must be installed and accessible)