Map requests from HTTP/WebDAV clients, web browsers, XML-RPC and FTP clients onto Python objects
Latest commit 0565a81 Feb 9, 2017 @thet thet committed with jensens Compatibility with PythonScripts (#10)
Compatibility with PythonScripts:

* Needed for current versions of Products/CMFCore/

* Use ``six`` to access the function object and function code in ``zope.publisher.publisher.unwrapMethod``. 
  This restores compatibility with Products.PythonScripts, where parameters were not extracted.

* Use both new and old locations for __code__

* Added test showing we can still handle a pre Python 2.6 method.



This package allows you to publish Python objects on the web. It has support for plain HTTP/WebDAV clients, web browsers as well as XML-RPC and FTP clients. Input and output streams are represented by request and response objects which allow for easy client interaction from Python. The behaviour of the publisher is geared towards WSGI compatibility.