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Universal game trainer for OS X
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Bit Slicer

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Download Bit Slicer 1.7.5


Bit Slicer is a universal game trainer for OS X, written using Cocoa and Mach kernel APIs.

It allows you to cheat in video games by searching and modifying values such as your score, lives, ammunition, and much more.

Disclaimer: Use this software at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage that could occur.


  • Memory Scanner
    • Search & narrow down values of several types: integers, floating-points, strings, byte arrays, and pointers
    • Add, delete, and modify variables with ease
    • Freeze variable's values
    • Store a process' entire virtual memory space and search for values based on incremental changes
    • Manipulate pointers by dereferencing variable addresses
  • Memory Inspection
    • View and edit memory live in a hex editor style window
    • Dump memory to files on disk for manual inspection
    • Modify memory protection attributes
  • Debugger
    • View live disassembly of instructions
    • Modify instruction's bytes directly, or by assembling instructions (including nopping)
    • Set breakpoints, resume from them when they're hit, view backtraces, manipulate thread registers, and step into/out/over instructions
    • Inject x86 code on the fly
    • Watch for what instructions access a variable in a document
  • Save slice documents so that you can send cheats to your friends
  • Write Scripts to automate tasks that involve using virtual memory and debugger methods
  • Pause and un-pause current process
  • Undo & Redo many kinds of changes, including searches
  • Evaluate mathematical expressions automatically (eg: in a flash game, search for 58 * 8)
  • Run as a normal user, not as the superuser (root)!
  • Enjoy OS level features such as auto-saving, document versioning, window restoration, notification center, app nap, etc.

System Requirements

Support & Contributing

  • Check the wiki for how to use Bit Slicer
  • Report bugs or request features on the bug tracker
  • Visit the forums for discussion and current development
  • Help translate Bit Slicer into a different language.
  • Help design better artwork (e.g. application icon) for Bit Slicer, following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Send an email to zorgiepoo (at) gmail (dot) com for any assistance or thoughts.

Source Code


Bit Slicer is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. Versions prior to 1.6, however, are licensed under the GPL version 3 license.

Code Signing

In order to build Bit Slicer, code signing is required to gain sufficient privilleges to using task_for_pid(). Building with the Debug scheme uses a self-signed certificate (which only works locally) and building with the Release scheme uses my purchased Developer ID certificate (which works for distribution).

To build in Debug mode, please follow these instructions. Note that this involves more steps than code-signing typical applications.

Versions prior to 1.6 are not code-signed, and consequently, the user is required to authorize the application to run as the superuser.

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