A minimap for the Brackets open-source code editor.
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Just overview your code with some navigate features. Enjoy :)

A minimap extension for the Brackets IDE.



  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Autohide functionality.
  • Adjustable fading transparency.
  • Quick-preview function.
  • Slower, Smoother scrolling.
  • Zooming.
  • Reacts to current theme - syntax highlighting changes based on theme being used even with 3rd party themes.

How to use

  • To show or hide the minimap, in the toolbar click View > Show Minimap or press Ctrl+`.
  • Double click on minimap slider will enable or disable autihide feature
  • Click on the top edge of the minimap to adjust its vertical offset. Its looks good with file-tab extensions.
  • Hold CTRL while dragging minimap (or holding mouse click at a line of code) to quickly look at part of your code. Your viewport will return to normal when you stop.
  • Scroll with the mouse wheel while hovering over the minmap for slow smooth scrolling.
  • Change the width of the minimap by pulling the left edge into place.
  • Hold CTRL (or CMD on Mac) while scrolling. The zoom of the minimap will change with a range of x2-x10.
  • SHIFT-Click the minimap on a line of code to make that line the center of the code-editor.
  • Hold SHIFT while scrolling. The transparency of the minimap will change with a range of 20%-100%.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Click centers that line, and has the same functionallity as CTRL+Click above (quick preview), except it centers that line of code.
  • Middle clicking on the slider will enable or disable minimap fading.