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Official Zotapay Go SDK

This is the official page of the Zotapay Go SDK. It is intended to be used by developers who run modern Go applications and would like to integrate our next generation payments platform.


Go SDK provides all the necessary methods for integrating the Zotapay Merchant API.


  • A functioning Zotapay Sandbox or Production account and related credentials (MerchantID, MerchantSecretKey, EndpointID)
  • Go 1.14 or greater


Main configuration

After all the files are loaded configuration is needed. This can be done initiation of zotapay.SDK{}. Configuration includes:

  • Credentials
  • Endpoint API url - test or production environment

API requests

After everything is setup all requests to the API are made with the corresponding methods:

  • Deposit
  • Payout
  • Callback
  • Order Status
  • Orders Report

All the methods belongs to zotapay.SDK struct which we discussed in configuration section.

Making the request

First the data object has to be created with all required fields (ex. zotapay.DepositOrder{...}).

After that the request method is called with the data object as parameter. (ex. sdk.Deposit(zotapay.DepositOrder{...}))

Retrieving the response

Every request method returns response and error objects. The error needs to be handled properly. If error is equal to nil you can access the Http code and the Data object in the response.


Method for callback handling is available:



Examples are available in examples folder.


  • deposit.go - Deposit request
  • payout.go - Payout request
  • orderStatus.go - Order status request
  • ordersReport.go - Orders report request

Order Handlers:

  • callback.go - API Callback

Code Test Coverage

codecov visualisation of code blocks and their test coverage.


The Zotapay API guide can be found on the official API Documentation pages for deposit and payout operations.


This SDK is developed and supported by Zotapay. For sign-up and sales inquiries, please contact For Support, please use and include customer identifiable information, along with a description of the issue.