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A 2D cross-platform game engine experiment. Work in progress


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Rurik Framework

A 2D cross-platform game engine/framework made as an experiment to explore what possibilities can be achieved in an ideal workspace.

This framework is in active development and its features/API is subject to change. Any PRs are welcomed, especially those improving code quality and performance.


Rurik Framework consists of the following key features:

  • Fast, small and clean codebase, which is easily extendable and tweakable.
  • Tiled map support which makes level designing much easier.
  • Robust scripting backend, which offers an ability to flexibly alternate the game world or introduce scripted sequences.
  • Adaptive save system with ability to extend it's support onto custom game data which needs to be kept persistent.
  • Music manager for your musical needs.
  • Simple asset virtual filesystem, where data gets stored automatically according to the annotation files.
  • Basic AABB collision detection and resolution.
  • Fast frustum-culled renderer offering great performance under heavier loads.
  • Various built-in entity classes encapsulating stereotypes, such as trigger zones, collision areas, timers or even dialogue emitters.
  • Straightforward dialogue system.
  • Basic lightmap generator, currently supporting additive and multiplicative lighting solutions.
  • Weather system, supports 4 time of day stages and influences the whole game environment.
  • Simple set of tools to profile parts of your game logic and display custom statistics in an editor UI.
  • Currently runs on Linux, Windows and macOS.
  • Ability to easily render to texture or manipulate your render target (blur, ...).

Future plans

While the framework already offers interesting features, I plan to expand it's features with the following ideas:

  • Add support for Android, iOS and WebAssembly.
  • Expand the weather system, implement various weather effects.
  • Solidify the filesystem API, to make it easier for us when adding Android support.
  • Revamp the entity system, add components.
  • Refactor some entity classes into actual core features.
  • Make better use of the scripting backend.
  • Bring my own assets and avoid using third-party assets for the demo.
  • Add sound support + sound mixing.
  • Improve the demo code to showcase framework's features.

How to build

Navigate to src/demo and execute go get ./... to fetch all dependencies. Afterwards, navigate back to the root folder and execute make to build the game.

Make sure you meet all the requirements at raylib-go before you compile the project.


See for licensing information. The demo code residing in src/demo directory falls under public domain and can be used freely.

Used assets are licensed under their respective licenses. Unless explicitly stated, a written permission of its authors is required for the content to be used outside of this repository.


A 2D cross-platform game engine experiment. Work in progress







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