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SoftiWARP (siw) is a software iWARP kernel driver and user library for Linux. It implements the iWARP protocol suite (MPA/DDP/RDMAP, IETF-RFC 5044/5041/5040) completely in software, without requiring any dedicated RDMA hardware. It comprises a loadable Linux kernel module siw located in kernel/ and a user level library libsiw located in userlib/.

SoftiWarp targets for integration with the OpenFabrics (OFA) ecosystem. For OFA integration, it is written against its kernel and user level interfaces.

SoftiWARP supports both user level and kernel level applications. It makes use of the OFA connection manager to set up connections. The kernel component runs on top of TCP kernel sockets.

Code structure

kernel/:	kernel module
userlib/:	user library
common/:	common include file(s)

Build and install

Linux kernel versions

SoftiWARP code tries to stay up to date with recent Linux kernels. Git master is supposed to run on the newest stable kernel. To ease code maintenance and to allow for back porting of any new features, old versions of SoftiWARP will be branched off with discriptive names. master is always tagged with the kernel version it matches.

Re-installing a newer SoftiWARP version after a kernel upgrade shall include making and re-installing both user library and kernel module (see below).

User-space library

 cd /path/to/your/clone/userlib
 make install

Kernel module

To build:

cd /path/to/your/clone/kernel

To load:

settings 1: for starting TX threads on available CPUs (check dmesg which CPUs runs TX thread)

sudo insmod ./siw.ko

setting 2: for starting TX thread on all CPUs given in comma separated list, if CPU available

sudo insmod ./siw.ko tx_cpu_list=[n,m,...]


PRs are always welcome. Please fork, and make necessary modifications you propose, and let us know.


If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to post at:!forum/zrlio-users

or email:


SoftiWARP: Software iWARP kernel driver and user library for Linux




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