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You're going to experience Antigen right in your open shell. No .zshrc tweaking and reading the rest of this documentation. Kinda like an ice-cream sample, if you will.

Get and load Antigen.

curl -L > antigen.zsh
source antigen.zsh

There. You now have all the Antigen goodies. Let's try install some plugins. How about some color to start with. Get the syntax highlighting plugin by running

antigen bundle zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting

Now let it do its thing and once you're back at your prompt, try and type a command. See that? Colors!

So, you do git? ruby? git and ruby? There are lots of awesome plugins over at oh-my-zsh. Treat yourself to some.

antigen bundle robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh plugins/ruby
# Or for the lazy,
antigen bundle git

There are lots of plugins out there in the wild and people are writing zsh utilities as small scripts all the time. Antigen is compatible with all of them. The plugins and scripts don't need any special handling to be compatible with Antigen.

Another example, kennethreitz's autoenv (or the zsh optimized version of it). Just a bundle command away.

antigen bundle kennethreitz/autoenv
# or `antigen bundle Tarrasch/zsh-autoenv`

And boom! you have all the autoenv goodness. Just remember how you used to do these before Antigen, clone it, modify your zshrc to source it, load a new terminal, all just to test it out. Duh!

A subtle aspect of this is that you can tell Antigen to grab just about anything from anyone's dotfiles repo, as long as it is in a directory under any repo on github.

And themes? How would you like a fancy new prompt for yourself?

antigen theme funky

No? Not your taste? There are many themes available to you, check out the oh-my-zsh's page on themes.

You can install themes from unofficial repos too!

antigen theme XsErG/zsh-themes themes/lazyuser

See? It's easy! To see how that works, refer to the section on the antigen theme command.

Note: Many of those plugins and especially themes, assume you have the core library of oh-my-zsh loaded. So, if you want to experiment further, issue a

antigen use oh-my-zsh

and continue until you're tired. At which point you can come back to this page ;)

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