Aquila is a digital signal processing library for C++11.
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What is Aquila?

Aquila is an open source and cross-platform DSP (Digital Signal Processing) library for C++11.

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#include "aquila/aquila.h"

int main()
    // input signal parameters
    const std::size_t SIZE = 64;
    const Aquila::FrequencyType sampleFreq = 2000, f1 = 125, f2 = 700;

    Aquila::SineGenerator sine1(sampleFreq);
    Aquila::SineGenerator sine2(sampleFreq);
    auto sum = sine1 + sine2;

    Aquila::TextPlot plot("Input signal");

    // calculate the FFT
    auto fft = Aquila::FftFactory::getFft(SIZE);
    Aquila::SpectrumType spectrum = fft->fft(sum.toArray());


    return 0;

For more usage examples see the examples directory or browse them online.


  • various signal sources (generators, text/binary/WAVE files)
  • signal windowing and filtering
  • performing operations on a frame-by-frame basis
  • calculating energy, power, FFT and DCT of a signal
  • feature extraction, including MFCC and HFCC features, widely used in speech recognition
  • pattern matching with DTW (dynamic time warping) algorithm


The following dependencies are required to build the library from source.

  • a modern C++11 compiler
  • CMake >= 2.8


See for some guidelines how to get involved.


The library is licensed under the MIT (X11) license. A copy of the license is distributed with the library in the LICENSE file.


Zbigniew Siciarz (zbigniew at siciarz dot net)

This library includes code from Takuya Ooura's mathematical software packages, which are available at