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Personal Web App

Check it out at:

Make sure you've followed all instructions for BaseWebApp

  1. Add new app pages: Add pages called about.ejs, projects.ejs, contact.ejs to html/pages. These files can be empty for now, or you could add something like <h1> Hello! </h1> so you know it's rendering.

  2. Add routing - modify your server-side code in project/start.js to support routing. See code here

*Since this updates the code that runs on the server, you need to restart your server to view the changes locally. You can do this by pressing control + c, and then then running heroku local web again.

    app.get('/', function(request, response) {

    app.get('/about', function(request, response) {

    app.get('/projects', function(request, response) {

    app.get('/contact', function(request, response) {

  1. Add a file to your helpers called navbar.ejs:

  2. Add that navbar to all of your app pages (index.ejs, about.ejs, projects.ejs), and contact.ejs so that people can navigate around your app:

    <% include ../helpers/navbar %>
  1. Copy all the CSS over to your project/css/main.css file so your pages look a little prettier!

  2. Make it your own!

    • Change images to your own
    • Add your own project descriptions and bio
    • Add more pages + routing
    • Style it to look prettier! Check out the components available through bootstrap here.
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