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Taskboard is a demo project to illustrate the theory described in my End-to-End testing posts.

The problem domain is a task board, where tasks can be moved between statuses and people.

I've given presentations at DjangoCon EU 2014 and at the Softwerkskammer Nürnberg user group. The slides are available from my blog

Installation instructions

It has been tested with python 2.7 and Ubuntu

$ git clone
$ ./

To view the application's minimalist UI, run

$ virtualenv venv-taskboard
$ source taskboard-venv/bin/activate
$ export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=settings
$ ./ runserver

You can run the tests using

$ ./

Future ideas if this project turns serious

  • port it to behave
  • enable adding tasks from the board
  • add more backends - jira, fogbugz, own model store, etc.
  • record moves and task states
  • provide reporting / analysis based on moves and states