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;; Copyright (c) Zachary Tellman. All rights reserved.
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
;; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
;; the terms of this license.
;; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this
;; software.
(:use [clojure.contrib.core :only (-?>)]
[clojure.contrib.def :only [defmacro- defvar-]]
[clojure.walk :only (postwalk-replace)])
(:require [penumbra.opengl
[texture :as texture]
[context :as context]
[slate :as slate]]
[time :as time]]
[core :as app]
[window :as window]
[input :as input]
[controller :as controller]
[loop :as loop]
[event :as event]
[queue :as queue]]))
(defn- transform-extend-arglists [protocol name arglists template]
(fn [args]
(let [template (postwalk-replace {'this (first args)} template)]
(vec args)
(intern (symbol (namespace protocol)) name)
(next args)))))
(defmacro- auto-extend
"Lets the application, which contains an implementation of a protocol, automatically extend that protocol."
[type protocol template & explicit]
(let [sigs (eval `(vals (:sigs ~protocol)))]
(->> (map
(fn [{name :name arglists :arglists}]
[(keyword name)
(transform-extend-arglists protocol name arglists template)])
(apply concat)
(apply hash-map))
(apply hash-map explicit)))))
(defn- update-
"Updates the state of the application."
[app state f args]
(swap! state
(fn [state]
(let [state* (if (empty? args)
(f state)
(apply f (concat args [state])))]
(when state*
(controller/invalidated! app true))
(or state* state)))))
(defn- alter-callbacks
"Updates the update and display callbacks using timed-fn"
[clock callbacks]
(let [wrap (partial loop/timed-fn clock)
callbacks (if (:update callbacks)
(update-in callbacks [:update] wrap)
callbacks (if (:display callbacks)
(update-in callbacks [:display] wrap)
(defrecord App
(deref [this] @(:state this)))
(auto-extend App (deref (:window this)))
(auto-extend App (deref (:input-handler this)))
(auto-extend App (deref (:queue this)))
(auto-extend App (:event-handler this))
(auto-extend App (:controller this))
{:speed! (fn [app speed] (time/speed! (:clock app) speed))
:now (fn [app] @(:clock app))
:callback- (fn [app event args] ((-> app :callbacks event) args))
:init! (fn [app]
(window/init! app)
(input/init! app)
(queue/init! app)
(controller/resume! app)
(event/publish! app :init))
:destroy! (fn [app]
(event/publish! app :close)
(controller/stop! app)
(when-not (:parent app)
(window/destroy! app)
(input/destroy! app)))})
(defmethod print-method [app writer]
(.write writer "App"))
(defn create
"Creates an application."
[callbacks state]
(let [window (atom nil)
input (atom nil)
queue (atom nil)
event (event/create)
clock (time/clock)
state (atom state)
controller (controller/create)
app (App. state clock event queue window input controller app/*app*)]
(reset! window (window/create-fixed-window app))
(reset! input (input/create app))
(reset! queue (queue/create app))
(doseq [[event f] (alter-callbacks clock callbacks)]
(if (= event :display)
(event/subscribe! app :display (fn [& args] (f @state)))
(event/subscribe! app event (fn [& args] (update- app state f args)))))
(defn app
"Returns the current application."
(defn- transform-import-arglists [protocol name doc arglists]
`defn name
(fn [args]
(vec (next args))
(intern (symbol (namespace protocol)) name)
(next args))))
(defmacro- auto-import
"Creates an function which automatically fills in app with *app*"
[protocol & imports]
(let [sigs (eval `(vals (:sigs ~protocol)))]
(fn [{name :name arglists :arglists doc :doc}]
(transform-import-arglists protocol name doc arglists))
(let [imports (set imports)]
(filter #(imports (:name %)) sigs))))))
title! size fullscreen! vsync! display-mode! display-modes)
stop! pause!)
key-pressed? button-pressed? key-repeat! mouse-location)
(defn clock
"Returns the application clock."
([] (clock app/*app*))
([app] (:clock app)))
(defn now
"Returns the elapsed clock time, in seconds, since the application began."
([] (now app/*app*))
([app] @(clock app)))
(defn speed!
"Sets the application clock speed."
([speed] (speed! app/*app* speed))
([app speed] (time/speed! (clock app) speed)))
(defn periodic-update!
"Starts a recurring update, which is called 'hz' times a second.
Time is governed by 'clock', which defaults to the application clock.
OpenGL calls cannot be made within this callback."
([hz f] (periodic-update! (clock) hz f))
([clock hz f] (periodic-update! app/*app* clock hz f))
([app clock hz f] (queue/periodic-enqueue! app clock hz #(update- app (:state app) f nil))))
(defn delay!
"Enqueues an update to be executed in 'delay' milliseconds.
Time is goverend by 'clock', which defaults to the application clock.
OpenGL calls cannot be made within this callback."
([delay f] (delay! (clock) delay f))
([clock delay f] (delay! app/*app* clock delay f))
([app clock delay f] (queue/enqueue! app clock delay #(update- app (:state app) f nil))))
(defn update!
"Enqueues an update to happen immediately.
OpenGL calls cannot be made within the callback."
([f] (update! app/*app* f))
([app f] (delay! (clock app) 0 f)))
(defn enqueue!
"Enqueues an update to happen before the next frame is rendered.
OpenGL calls in this callback are okay."
([f] (enqueue! app/*app* f))
([app f] (event/subscribe-once! app :enqueue #(update- app (:state app) f nil))))
(defn repaint!
"Forces the application to repaint."
([] (repaint! app/*app*))
([app] (controller/invalidated! app true)))
(defn frequency! [hz]
"Updates the update frequency of a periodic update.
This can only be called from within the periodic callback. A frequency of 0 or less will halt the update."
(reset! app/*hz* hz))
(defmacro with-gl
"Creates a valid OpenGL context within the scope."
[& body]
(context/with-context nil
;;App state
(defn single-thread-main-loop
"Does everything in one pass."
(window/process! app)
(input/handle-keyboard! app)
(input/handle-mouse! app)
(window/handle-resize! app)
(if (or (window/invalidated? app) (controller/invalidated? app))
(event/publish! app :enqueue)
(event/publish! app :update)
(controller/invalidated! app false)
(clear 0 0 0)
(event/publish! app :display))
(window/update! app))
(Thread/sleep 1))
(if (window/close? app)
(controller/stop! app :requested-by-user))))
(defn start-single-thread
[app loop-fn]
(context/with-context nil
(fn [inner-fn]
(app/init! app)
(app/speed! app 0))
(partial single-thread-main-loop app))
(when (controller/stopped? app)
(app/destroy! app)))
(defn start
"Starts a window from scratch, or from a closed state.
Supported callbacks are:
:update [[delta time] state]
:display [[delta time] state]
:reshape [[x y width height] state]
:init [state]
:close [state]
:mouse-drag [[[dx dy] [x y]] button state]
:mouse-move [[[dx dy] [x y]] state]
:mouse-up [[x y] button state]
:mouse-click [[x y] button state]
:mouse-down [[x y] button state]
:key-type [key state]
:key-press [key state]
:key-release [key state]"
([callbacks state]
(start-single-thread (create callbacks state) loop/basic-loop)))
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