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ChicagoBoss Asset Compressor

The goal is to create an Erlang/ChicagoBoss alternative of Django-Compressor plugin. At the moment, it's in a highly experimental proof-of-concept phase.

Current features

  • we read all the external links to CSS and JavaScript, minify them and include the result back into the original HTML tree;
  • such an external link can be either local or remote HTTP(s);
  • we skip scripts where we're not sure if it is JavaScript or anything else (based on @type attribute, external file extension and MIME machinery).


  • integration with ErlyDTL/ChicagoBoss itself;
  • no support for CSS minification yet (it's actually passed out exactly as it came into the compressor on input);
  • at the moment, we only substitute all the asset tags we get from the HTML parser. This should be changed to accumulate all the JavaScripts and CSS into the buffer which will be dumped to an external file. Such a file will be then referenced from the main HTML tree -- one reference for JS, one for CSS. This is much better and more W3C validator friendly :) (The best practice is to move all the styles and scripts outside the HTML, especially to allow browsers to cache them separately.)
  • write more unit tests to be sure we're correct all the time.


  • the jsc:js_min function family is borrowed from the project which I am not able to find even after few hours of Googling. So please, if you're author of that function and feel aggrieved, just drop me an e-mail!