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Steam Skin Manager that allows you to change your Steam appearance.
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Croatian translation added
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bin VersioVersion 4.3.0-dev
lib32 Version 4.0.5,
share v4.2.2 (23.July.2014),
src v4.2.2 (23.July.2014),
translations Add croatian translation Version 4.0.4,
README version 4.0.2
makefile Version 4.0.5,
settings.conf v4.2.2 (23.July.2014),


Steam Skin Manager NG ... a tool for changing Steam appearance

Compile and run, just cd to this directory and type:
# make run64 ... on 64 bit devices
# make run32 ... on 32 bit devices

or just to compile make build32/make build64 or make buildall
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