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AsciiDoc TextMate bundle

This is a TextMate bundle for AsciiDoc, see the website

It's got some basic commands and snippets working. Accessible by shortcuts and tab expansion. The language grammar features the very basics only. I.e. some structure and markup higlighting. Output is available as preview (TextMate window), rendered HTML and PDF (pdflatex required).

Commands and Snippets


  • Preview (try Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+P)
  • Convert Document (try Ctrl+Shift+H)
  • Typeset as PDF (try Cmd+R)
  • Show Documentation


  • Bold (try Cmd+B)
  • Italic (try Cmd+I)
  • Quoted (try Cmd+')
  • Superscript (try Ctrl+Shift+up)
  • Subscript (try Ctrl+Shift+down)
  • Headings (try Ctrl+0 to Ctrl+4 or h1 TAB to h4 TAB for one-liner versions)
  • Table generation (try |= TAB)
  • Tab expansion for blocks (try == TAB)


To install via Git:

cd ~/"Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/"
git clone git:// "AsciiDoc.tmbundle"
osascript -e 'tell app "TextMate" to reload bundles'

Also be sure to have asciidoc itself and maybe LaTeX around.

Source can be viewed or forked via GitHub.


Christian Zuckschwerdt. Complementary shortcut and fixes by Guillaume-Jean Herbiet.


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