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Zulip adapter for Hubot

Follow the Getting Started with Hubot page to create your Hubot.

In your Hubot's directory, run:

npm install --save hubot-zulip

On your Zulip settings page, create a bot account. Note its email and API key; you will use them on the next step.

The bot account email address and API key are passed to Hubot via environment variables HUBOT_ZULIP_BOT and HUBOT_ZULIP_API_KEY.

By default, the bot will listen on all public streams. If you set HUBOT_ZULIP_ONLY_SUBSCRIBED_STREAMS, it will only listen on the streams that the bot is subscribed to.

To run Hubot locally, use: HUBOT_ZULIP_API_KEY=your_key bin/hubot -a zulip

To run Hubot with a self-hosted version of Zulip, use:

HUBOT_ZULIP_SITE= HUBOT_ZULIP_API_KEY=your_key bin/hubot -a zulip

To run Hubot on Heroku, edit Procfile to change the -a option to -a zulip. Use the following commands to set the environment variables:

heroku config:add
heroku config:add HUBOT_ZULIP_API_KEY=your_key
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