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Zulip Mobile

Under active development. First usable version coming soon

Build Status

Zulip Mobile is a new, cross-platform mobile Zulip client written in JavaScript with React Native.

We target iOS initially, with Android version following shortly.

Why React Native?

  • Support iOS and Android with one codebase
  • Familiar web programming model (React + Javascript + Flexbox)
  • Cross-platform, 90% code reuse between iOS and Android platforms


Run iOS:

  • npm run ios-min - runs in an iOS simulator in the minimally supported device (currently iPhone 5)

  • npm run ios-max - runs in an iOS simulator in the newest/most premium supported device (currently iPhone 7 Plus)

  • npm run ios-device - runs on a physical iOS device, you need to edit the device name in package.json

Run Android:

  • react-native run-android - runs in an Android emulator, emulator has to be run manually before this command

Fixing issues

If you are having issues running the code on your machine, either for the first time or after updating an outdated code with the latest, please try these:

Clean node_modules folder and Yarn's cache:

rm -rf node_modules
yarn cache clean
yarn install

Reset iOS simulator

iOS Menu > Simulator > Reset Content and Settings…


Please see the developer guide.


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