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Travel Agency

This is my solution to the Property Finder Front-end challenge.



Live demo


To install dependencies, navigate to the project root directory your console and execute the following command:

npm install


To run tests

npm test


To run solution

npm start

Solution / Tech Stack

The project was created using create-react-app. This project conforms to the Air BnB style guide's naming and coding-style conventions. Furthermore, I use the Redux ducks modular pattern for reducers, containers, and actions.


  • I use redux for state management. My personal opinion: Always use redux for state management. Check out my blog article on this
  • I use sass to manage css, bootstrap and have created the layout using flexbox.
  • For my development workflow, I also use Generate React Code which is my own tool which I co-created with a colleague. We created this tool so that team members will easily conform to our agreed conversion. Additionally, the tool promotes "test first" principles.
  • Prettier - Automatically formats code after every commit.
  • Enzyme for view (React Component) tests.

Project Structure

    |   index.js
    |   registerServiceWorker.js.js
    |   setupTests.js