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  1. swivel swivel Public

    Strategy driven, segmented feature toggles

    PHP 208 8

  2. json-serializer json-serializer Public

    Serialize PHP variables, including objects, in JSON format. Support to unserialize it too.

    PHP 124 23

  3. angular-waypoints angular-waypoints Public

    An AngularJS module for working with jQuery Waypoints

    JavaScript 50 19

  4. elasticsearch-index-rotator elasticsearch-index-rotator Public

    Safely rotate Elasticsearch indexes with no downtime to end users.

    PHP 16 3

  5. mongounit mongounit Public

    PHPUnit extension that enables MongoDB data fixtures for test cases.

    PHP 32 13

  6. deadmanssnitch-php-sdk deadmanssnitch-php-sdk Public

    Deadmanssnitch API SDK for PHP

    PHP 4 1


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