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Open Citations Plugin for Zotero

This Zotero plugin adds information about open citations data for one or several items in Zotero. Currently, a DOI lookup in the OpenCitations COCI service is implemented, the result is added as a note, and the latest references are saved in a special collection in Zotero:


TODO more and better functionalities


To install the extension:

  • Download the XPI file of the latest release.
  • In Zotero, go to Tools → Add-ons and drag the .xpi onto the Add-ons window.

Build and release

Run script, which creates a new .xpi file.

For a new release, run the script, push the code changes, publish a new release on GitHub and attach the .xpi file there.


Create a text file containing the full path to this directory, name the file, and place it in the extensions subdirectory of your Zotero profile directory. Restart Zotero to try the latest code changes.


The source code is released under GNU Affero General Public License v3.