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  • Author: Peter Amende
  • License: GNU General Public License v2 or later


How to

  • Slider Image Size 1440x486
  • Post Image Size 720x243
  • If custom excerpts are active you can display videos like post images on the frontpage by using the custom field called video with your embedded <iframe> code as the value.
  • First of all, you have to insert some informations about yourself in your profile-section
  • Use custom menues and insert the start-page to the main-menu, if you want to display the home icon in your header menu
  • Use widgets for the sidebar and footer. The footer looks best with 4 Widgets with approximately equal heights. Don't use menu widgets in the footer, there is a separate footer-menu
  • Firefox on Windows don't load the fonts of the theme. To fix that, you have to insert this on top of your .htaccess: <FilesMatch "\.(ttf|otf|eot|woff|svg)$">Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"</FilesMatch>



It's possible to create [two_, [three_ or [four_ columns. The last column of an column group needs the attribute _last]. Every column group has to be completed with a [divider] to clear the floating. Also The basic syntax for three columns is:

 first column content here...
 second column content here...
 third column content here...

The first number [three_ defines the grid and the second numer _one] the column width. Mind that every column also need its close tag. As the example above you can build other columns with the following paramenters:

2 Columns

1-1 Columns: [two_columns_one][two_columns_one_last]

3 Columns

1-1-1 Columns: [three_columns_one][three_columns_one][three_columns_one_last]

1-2 Columns: [three_columns_one][three_columns_two_last]

2-1 Columns: [three_columns_two][three_columns_one_last]

4 Columns

1-1-1-1 Columns: [four_columns_one][four_columns_one][four_columns_one][four_columns_one_last]

1-1-2 Columns: [four_columns_one][four_columns_one][four_columns_two_last]

1-2-1 Columns: [four_columns_one][four_columns_two][four_columns_one_last]

2-1-1 Columns: [four_columns_two][four_columns_one][four_columns_one_last]

1-3 Columns: [four_columns_one][four_columns_three_last]

3-1 Columns: [four_columns_three][four_columns_one_last]


A default button is rectangled, orange and has a normal size. It only contains an attribute for your url and can be extended by the following attributes:

Attribute Shortcode
Default [button link=""]Text[/button]
Rounded [button link="" form="round"]Text[/button]
Colour [button link="" color="blue"]Text[/button]
"blue, lightgrey, grey, darkgrey, red, green"
Size [button link="" size="large"]Text[/button]
"xsmall, small, large, xlarge"