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Spylls: Hunspell ported to Python

Spylls is an effort of porting prominent spellcheckers into clear, well-structured, well-documented Python. It is intended to be useful both as a library and as some kind of "reference (or investigatory, if you will) implementation". Currently, only Hunspell is ported.

Hunspell is a long-living, complicated, almost undocumented piece of software, and it was our feeling that the significant part of human knowledge is somehow "locked" in a form of a large C++ project. That's how Spylls was born: as an attempt to "unlock" it, via well-structured and well-documented implementation in a high-level language.

Follow the explanatory blog post series: on my blog, on Medium, or subscribe to my mailing list.

Usage as a library

$ pip install spylls
from spylls.hunspell import Dictionary

# en_US dictionary is distributed with spylls
# See docs to load other dictionaries
dictionary = Dictionary.from_files('en_US')

# False
for suggestion in dictionary.suggest('spylls'):
# spells
# spills


Full documentation, including detailed source code/algorithms walkthrough, more detailed reasoning and some completeness reports, is available at

Project Links


MIT licensed. See the bundled LICENSE file for more details.