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ZvrGUI in Acition Launch Examples

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  • simple and pure as3
  • real time - no invalitation like in FlexComponent
  • every action has its own event
  • skins (component = component base + skin)
  • styles (custom values, attached to one or more state)
  • states (multi state - more than one state at the time e.g: selected, over, down. No more selectedAndDown)
  • behaviors (for conecting usert input with states or functionality of component, eg: dragable, rollOver)
  • layouts - managing of childs distribution


  • multi state styles are a little bit tricky
  • changing component properties: width, height, x, y, top, left, bottom, right, left can be a little bit funky (due explicit priorities)
  • data contaier is not as fast as it should be
  • skin cannot be changed to another one
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