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Z-Wave JS

The home for Z-Wave-related libraries and apps based on Z-Wave JS

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The home for Z-Wave related libraries and apps based on Z-Wave JS

Built on Node.js and compatible with all known 500 and 700 series Z-Wave controller hardware adapters, the Z-Wave JS driver runs on almost anything with a little bit of computing power and a serial port.

Started in 2018, Z-Wave JS has breathed new life into the Z-Wave ecosystem and now powers thousands of smart homes and some of the largest home automation systems all over the world.

About us

We're a small team of smart home enthusiasts striving to build the best open source Z-Wave applications out there. In alphabetical order:

AlCalzone · Shaper of Waves, Reader of Specifications, Teacher of Bots, Broker of IOs, Crazy enough to start all of this

blhoward2 · Writer of Manifests, Master of Consistency

marcus-j-davies · Browser of Configs, Plumber of Red Nodes

robertsLando · Discoverer of Greatness, Builder of Frontends, Stacker of Statistics

We continuously try to improve and hold ourselves to the highest standards. This requires a lot of effort and is done entirely in our free time. If you'd like to help us spend more time on Z-Wave JS, feel free to support us.

Our creations

Together, we've built these awesome projects:


  1. Z-Wave driver written entirely in JavaScript/TypeScript

    TypeScript 508 332

  2. Zwave to Mqtt gateway and Control Panel Web UI. Built using Nodejs, and Vue/Vuetify

    TypeScript 396 97