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Audiobook Tools - Command line tools

Description: A set of command line tools for creating, re-encoding and optimizing audiobooks


  • Audiobook ReEncoder - re-encode audiobook files to uniform format
  • Online TTS - Coverts Text-to-Speech audio files using various online TTS services
  • Web-novel to Text - extracts web-novels from website and save to txt/ssml file
  • AAX Converter - convert AAX(Audible) to MP3/M4B file (to be included in Audiobook ReEncoder)

Download tools: zip file

Git: git clone

Audiobook ReEncoder (audiobook_reencoder)

  • Description: Re-encodes all MP3/M4B files in a directory, recursivly.
  • Features:
    • Encodes using ffmpeg
    • Accepts mp3, m4b, m4a, flac, ogg, opus, aax(with auth code)
    • Grabs audio files data using ffprobe, for re-encoding and embedding cover art
    • Split into chapters
    • Removes unneeded files (nfo/cue/m2u) (can be disabled)
    • Add genre="Audiobook" (can be disabled)
    • Normalize volume (can be disabled)
    • Won't re-encode if it is obvious it has been done before (can be forced)
    • Cover art:
      • Extracts cover art to cover.jpg (can be disabled)
      • Embeds cover art to each audiofile (can be disabled)
      • If directory contains multiple different audiobooks it won't try extract/embed cover art
      • Can delete original image file, after embedding (not default)
  • Requirments
    • ffmpeg and ffprobe
    • python3
  • more details

Online TTS (online-tts)

  • Description: Text-to-Speech program using online/cloud TTS services.
  • Supported service
    • Microsoft Azure TTS
    • VoiceRSS TTS
    • Google translate TTS (not Google cloud TTS)
    • Easy to add other TTS APIs
  • more details

Web-Novel to Text (web-novel-to-text)

  • Description: Extracts the text of web-novels articles/chapters to a TXT or SSML file to be used in a text-to-speech program or service.
  • Supported Sites
    • Royal Road
    • WordPress sites
    • to add more
  • Requirements
    • python3
      • text2digits module
  • more details

AAX Converter (aaxconverter)

  • Description: convert AAX(Audible) files to mp3, m4b, single or chapter files, removing DRM. This almost a copy of KrumpetPirate's AAXtoMP3
  • more details

Other tools

  • Description: Creates audiobooks from ebooks using Google voice (text-to-speech)
  • Requirements:
    • ffmpeg
    • Google Cloud SDK
  • more details

m4b split

  • Desciption: Splits m4b files to chaptered mp3 files
  • Requirements
    • ffmpeg
    • libmp4v2
  • more details

Recomneded External Programs

Calibre (external)

  • ebook reader/converter (GUI and CLI)
    • Ebook to txt: 'ebook-convert Book.epub Book.txt'
    • Extract cover art: ebook-meta --get-cover=cover.jpg

youtube-dl: Convert Youtube audiobooks to mp3 files (external)

  • Description: There are many audiobooks on youtube. Mostly web-novels and light-novels read by computers, that will likely never be produced in studios.
  • Usage: download single file
    • youtube-dl --extract-audio --embed-thumbnail --add-metadata --audio-format mp3 "[URL_GOES_HERE]"
  • Usage: download entire playlist:
    • youtube-dl --extract-audio --embed-thumbnail --add-metadata --audio-format mp3 --yes-playlist "[URL_GOES_HERE]"
  • Usage: extract cover art:
    • youtube-dl --get-thumbnail "[URL_GOES_HERE]" | xargs wget -O cover.jpg
  • Download :
  • Git:

Mycroft Mimic TTS (external)

inAudible-NG/audible-activator: Extract your Audible authorization code (external)

  • Description: Find your Audible 'activation byte', aka 'auth code', which is required for listening or converting your Audible audiobooks
  • Download:
  • Notes: This tool requires Google Crome, but you can download Chrome and CromeDriver from the site, install it in a temp folder, adn delete it after. Make sure the version of Chrome and CromeDriver are the same.

AAXtoMP3: Convert Audible AAX files to mp3 (or other formats) (external)

  • Description: Convert your Audible audio book to a useful non-DRM format, default is chaptered mp3s, but it can do m4b and other formats
  • Download:
  • Usage: AAXtoMP3 --authcode [YOUR_AUTH_CODE] [YOUR_AUDIBLE_FILE]
  • Notes: If you want to use ffmpeg or avconv instead of AAXtoMP3, just use 'ffmpeg -activation_bytes [YOUR_AUTH_CODE] .....'

Other useful tools (external)


scripts for creating and converting audiobooks







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