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Zync Python API


Note that the simplest and recommended way to install Zync plugins is through the Zync Client Application (see instructions). The steps described below are for advanced users and we recommend to proceed with them only if you need to modify the plugin code for your custom needs.

Install / Setup

Clone this repository to a centrally available location at your facility. This library will be used by both the Maya and Nuke plugins, so it must be easily accessible.

Once cloned, create a new file zync-python/ This file should contain one line:

ZYNC_URL = "https://<site>"

This address will match the address you use to access your Zync Web Console.

A sample configuration file "" is included in this repository.


See examples for sample scripts demonstrating usage.


This library uses httplib2.

It is included with this API for convenience, though you can also install it with pip or easy_install:

pip install httplib2

The license for httplib2 is available here.