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My personal Hammerspoon configuration -
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My Hammerspoon configuration

Hammerspoon is one of the most-used utilities on my Mac. This repository contains my personal configuration, which you can use as a starting point and modify to suit your needs and preferences.

What happened to Oh-My-Hammerspoon?

With the arrival of Spoons in Hammerspoon 0.9.53, the oh-my-hammerspoon plugin mechanism became obsolete. I have converted all the old plugins into Spoons, so this repository offers the same (and some new) functionality, but much easier to understand and configure. Some of them have been merged already in the official Spoons repository, and others are available in my personal zzSpoons repository.

If you still want it, the old oh-my-hammerspoon code has been archived in the old-oh-my-hammerspoon branch.

How to use it

  1. Install Hammerspoon (minimum version required: 0.9.55, which introduced the hs.spoons module)
  2. Clone this repository into your ~/.hammerspoon directory:
    git clone ~/.hammerspoon
  3. Review init.lua and change or disable any Spoons as needed. Note that this file is generated from, where you can read also a full description of the code.
  4. Run Hammerspoon.
  5. All the necessary Spoons will be downloaded, installed and configured.
  6. Have fun!
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