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zombie.js-changelog(7) -- Changelog
-### Version 0.10.0 Pending
+### Version 0.10.0 2011-08-27
-This release uses `htmlparser` as the default parser, at least until we
-can get HTML5 working again. The new default is both stricter and
-somewhat limited.
+Upgraded to [JSDOM]( 0.2.3 which brings
+us a Window context that works for asynchronous invocations (that would
+be timers, XHR and browser.evaluate), and many many other improvements.
+Tested for compatibility with jQuery 1.6.2. Yes. It works.
+*NOTE*: This release uses
+[htmlparser]( as the default parser,
+while waiting for some bug fixes on
+[HTML5]( Unfortunately, htmlparser
+is limited in what it can accept and properly parse. Be aware of the
+following issues:
+- Your document *must* have `html`, `head` and `body` elements.
+- No CDATAs. But then again, CDATA is so 1999.
+- Tag soups break the parser.
+- Scripts can't use `document.write`. Again, it's not 1999.
-Known not to work at all/well:
-- CDATA sections. But then again, who's using CDATA anymore?
-- Documents without `html`, `head` and `body` elements.
-- Any form of tag soup.
-- Scripts that use `document.write`.
Added `browser.loadCSS` option. Set this to load external stylesheets.
Defaults to `true`.
Added `browser.htmlParser` option. Tells JSDOM which HTML5 parser to
use. Use `null` for the default parser.
-Tested for compatibility with jQuery 1.6.2. Yes. It works.
+Fixed handling of `file` protocol.
### Version 0.9.7 2011-07-28

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