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Featured Image Maker

Featured image maker is a generator of simple featured images and Open Graph images (og:image). You can easily create smart images by combining an icon and background gradation. This tool is great for making featured images or blog cards for blogs like WordPress. Can also be used for highlight covers for Instagram. And it is the best for technology blogs because it supports many technology icons!

Check out the demo👀


Supported icons

Icon Picker is supported only for Font Awesome Free v5.6.3.


System requirements

All you need is a browser for this tool to work.
It is checked to work on the following browser's latest versions.

  • PC: Google Chrome, Safari (Checked on Mac OS X)
  • Mobile: iOS Safari

Quick start

Access here and you can create featured images instantly.


  1. Clone this repository git clone
  2. Run npx http-server in the repository root
  3. Access