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📌 Description

ICU is a tool to constantly keep an updated database of domains and subdomains, by regularly scanning domains for subdomains with the most common subdomain scanners.

ICU works by creating a database with domains and a crontask to launch the subdomain scanners script. You can launch this script manually as well. You can also keep control of your domains and subdomains with the script or with the telegram bot. There is also a simple web application that is meant for a quick view of your domains. This web application is not meant yet for a large number of domains.


git clone  
cd ICU

The installation script asks for various things, including your MySQL database username and password. These will be saved in You can always change these credentials later on.

Optional (recommended)

ICU also uses Subfinder and Amass. You need to install those as well. You need to have GO for those tools. Here you can find how to install GO. After you've installed GO; Execute the following commands to install Amass and Subfinder:

go get
go get

Setting up the MySQL server

$sudo mysql_secure_installation

Would you like to setup VALIDATE PASSWORD plugin?

Press y|Y for Yes, any other key for No: n

Remove anonymous users? (Press y|Y for Yes, any other key for No) : y


Disallow root login remotely? (Press y|Y for Yes, any other key for No) : y


Remove test database and access to it? (Press y|Y for Yes, any other key for No) : y

 - Dropping test database...


 - Removing privileges on test database...


Reload privilege tables now? (Press y|Y for Yes, any other key for No) : y


All done!


ICU also includes a telegram bot and notifications part. If you want to use this, you will have to include your telegram bot token in You can get a telegram bot token here. Next off, you need to run in /telegram, and then send /start to the bot. This will save your chat_id to so it can be used for authentication with the bot, and to send the notifications to.


The following modules are used: MySQLdb, telegram, random, sys, os, datetime, logging, time.

The install script offers an option to install the modules from requirements.txt. This requires pip to be installed. If, for some reason, some modules are still missing. Then install these modules. The most important one is MySQLdb. here you can read how to install MySQLdb.


To get ICU up and running, requires some simple skills. If you need serious help, you can contact me via twitter.


Credits to:
Subfinder, Amass, Sublist3r!


Telegram Bot

Created by 003random - @003random -


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