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A Fasttracker II style tracker for the Nintendo DS

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     Nitrotracker v0.4
     -----------------  by 0xtob ^ 0x80

-- About

NitroTracker is a FastTracker II style tracker for the
Nintendo DS. If you didn't understand that, you might
want to read up on trackers. For starters, NitroTracker
is a versatile tool for creating music - everywhere! It
supports the popular XM file format that is used by many
PC trackers and that can be played on many PC audio
players such as Winamp or XMMS.

-- Installation

Patch NitroTracker.nds with the DLDI patch for your card.
(Please refer to the documentation for more info on this.)
Then, copy NitroTracker and some music and samples to
any folder of your memory card and start tracking!

-- Documentation

You will probably need it. It's on the ...

-- Homepage and Forum

-- I want *you* for NitroTracker!

What you can do:

    Beta test!

        Beta testers get access to early versions of the tracker
        in exchange for constructive criticism. If you want to
        be a beta tester, send an e-mail to

    Find bugs and request features!

        Bug reports and feature requests are collected here:

        If you have something that isn't already on that list, feel
        free to add it.

    Become a NitroTracker developer!

        The source and all the info on how to get started is here:

        If you want to contribute a patch or even become a regular
        developer, just drop an e-mail to .

-- Contact

Get in touch with other NitroTracker users in the official
The NitroTracker Forum (see above).

You can also directly contact me via:

    * IRC: #nitrotracker on Espernet or #dsdev on Blitzed
      (look for _0xtob)
    * e-Mail:

-- Thanks

There is quite a bunch of people that made the development
of this project possible or easier. First of all, a huge
thank you to the NitroTracker beta testers, for providing
tons of ideas and helping me find even the most obscure

alienspurm, andars, atomtwist, Biiaru, chrislody, grobsen,
Ignatzthemouse, infradead, Jono-60, license, lotlemmwax,
nitro2k01, nonfinite, parkstenator, reSet, Shagbat,
silent_code, spielor, totoee, Vengeful Parasite, willgripp

NitroTracker is built on the hard work of a lot of people
who work on DS homebrew mostly in their spare time. This
list is by nomeans comprehensive, so please don't sue me
if you are missing your name here :-)

    * joat, dovoto and WinterMute for libnds and DevkitPro
    * chishm for the universal FAT library
    * sgstair for the incredible wifi lib
    * Headspin for the great on-screen typewriter design
    * doublec for his ds development tutorials that got me
      started with DS coding
    * Martin Korth for the incredible gbatek reference and
      the no$gba emulator
    * My friends in #dsdev for patiently answering my
    * starpause for providing the samples used in the
    * Michael Krause for the open source SoundTracker,
      that was a great help with the XM format
    * Last but not least: Vogue and Mr.H of Triton for
      Fasttracker II, the tracker that NitroTracker was
      designed after.


A Fasttracker II style tracker for the Nintendo DS






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