research project, aimed to produce a library for custom management of maya cache
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Maya Cache DLL Project

Maya Cache DLL Project is a research initiative by 100cells (Costanzo D'Angelis, Stefano Cieri).


Maya Cache DLL Project is an open source C library aimed to write Maya nCache for nParticles. This implementation is merely resulting out of observations (and deductions) of .mc binary files and Python scripts provided by Autodesk.

Maya Caches, nCaches and nParticles

The Maya Cache file format (.mc) is used in Maya for a variety of caching purposes; nCaches are a sub-class of Maya Caches, which store simulation data for nucleus objects or fluid effects; nParticles are a specific kind of nucleus objects. Presently, the library only deals with the file structure of nCaches for nParticles.

Most likely, this will be the first step of a wider research, aimed to generalize the format description (so that it might include every kind of Maya Cache).


The official project's page can be found at: More detailed instructions can be found at: