research project, aimed to produce a library for custom management of maya cache
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Maya Cache DLL Project

Maya Cache DLL Project is a research initiative by 100cells (Costanzo D'Angelis, Stefano Cieri).


Maya Cache DLL Project is an open source C library aimed to write Maya nCache for nParticles. This implementation is merely resulting out of observations (and deductions) of .mc binary files and Python scripts provided by Autodesk.

####Maya Caches, nCaches and nParticles The Maya Cache file format (.mc) is used in Maya for a variety of caching purposes; nCaches are a sub-class of Maya Caches, which store simulation data for nucleus objects or fluid effects; nParticles are a specific kind of nucleus objects. Presently, the library only deals with the file structure of nCaches for nParticles.

Most likely, this will be the first step of a wider research, aimed to generalize the format description (so that it might include every kind of Maya Cache).


The official project's page can be found at: More detailed instructions can be found at: [] (