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Federama Development Roadmap

This is a very rough roadmap, but these will be the likely milestones for each release in the near future. Items will be added or changed as development progresses.


  • ✓ front page
  • ✓ header
  • ✓ footer
  • ✓ dashboard
  • ✓ login
  • ✓ registration
  • ✓ easy to install
  • ✓ can create posts
  • ✓ can display posts on front page


  • ✓ Admin can do basic site configuration
  • ✓ Users can modify their profiles and change passwords
  • ✓ Posts can be edited or deleted.
  • ✓ Pages can be created, edited, and deleted.
  • ✓ Messages can be created and sent to users on the same instance
  • ✓ Nodeinfo
  • ✓ RSS and Atom feeds for site and for users.
  • ✓ Federama logo in appropriate spots.
  • ✓ the-user.php, the-post.php, the-page.php, the-message.php, the-statistics.php


  • Target date: late October 2019
  • ✓ Users can have avatars
  • Users can follow other users on the same instance
  • ✓ Images can be used in posts, pages, and messages
  • User messages to and from other Federama instances
  • Testing instances at and
  • Pretty URLs with Apache and nginx
  • Users can like, dislike, or flag messages on the same instance
  • Admins and mods can delete messages on the same instance
  • Implement manifest.json
  • Add icons for desktop, iOS, and Android devices


  • Target date: late December 2019
  • Content warnings for messages, posts, pages, audio, video, and images
  • Single image, single audio, and single video post types
  • Theme engine/template engine
  • Users can contact people in other ActivityPub instances (Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, Pixelfed, PeerTube, etc)
  • Users can follow other users on other Federama instances
  • Users can comment on posts, pages, and messages on the same instance.
  • Implement OpenID or some other authentication mechanism


  • Admins can whitelist and blacklist other ActivityPub instances
  • Admins can create, edit, delete, suspend, and ban users
  • Users can block or mute other users


  • ✓ Nice editor for pages, posts, and audio, image, and video posts.
    • Added Summernote for pages and posts in v0.3, but am leaving it off of messages because they can't use fancy formatting stuff.
  • Templates for admins to create About us, Contact, and Privacy Policy pages


  • Categories and tags for posts, and audio, image, and video posts.
  • Parent/child for pages


  • Update engine
  • emailer
  • Users can export and delete their profiles.


  • Feature freeze
  • Create l10n templates
  • Default locale is en-US
  • Full English language documentation for users, admins, and developers.


  • Collect bugs and triage based on severity.
  • Refactoring


  • Publish roadmap to Federama 2.0.

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