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To run Palanaeum on your local machine for development purposes, the easiest way is to use our provided Docker Compose setup. Simply run docker-compose up to launch all required services.

When you run the app for the first time, you'll also want to create a superuser. To this end, run the following command:

docker-compose exec web python3 createsuperuser

Palanaeum should be reachable at after a successful launch.

Any changes you make to Palanaeum project files are automatically included in the container, so you can see the results of your work instantaneously! :)

Note: Audio playback isn't working 100% correctly on the Django dev server. It doesn't support skipping to selected part of the audio file, so you'll have to believe me that this functionality will work on a proper Nginx server ;)

Updating the sources

From time to time you'll need to pull new changes made by others. This may include changes in requirements and in database structure. To keep all dependencies updated, here's what you should do after pulling the newest sources from repository.

# This ensures you have the latest dependencies installed
docker-compose up --build
# This performs any required database migrations
docker-compose exec web python3 migrate

This way, all necessary libraries should be installed and database structure should be updated.

Setting up Sites module

Edit Site objects in database, to set proper domain name and site name.

Generating API keys

If you want to allow unlimited access to API for someone, you need to create an authentication token for them:

./ drf_create_token <username>

This token should be added to HTTP requests inside a header:

Authorization: Token put_your_token_here